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What's new in ver 1.5
     Search files by name.
   Search files’ content.( Microsoft office document, iWork document, web page, text file, chm file and source code file etc.)
   Play audio files directly.
   Create PDF file by camera.
   Compress/decompress zip files.
   Upload files by FTP
  Edit text files.

   Modified Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean’s document encode error. Added  EUC-KR encode.
   Modified the problem of Interrupting music while open files.

Let files go with you!
  With AirFiles you can transfer your files to iPhone or iTouch and view them.
We prepared two ways for you to transfer your files to device:
   (1)Transfer with web browser(IE/Safari/FireFox/Chrome etc.).
   (2)Transfer with Webdav client.
You can use each one when your computer and your iPhone/iTouch are in the same Wifi network.
Viewable format
    3 D :OBJ、MD2
    SourceCode:C、C++、Objective-C、C#、Delphi、Java、Ruby、Perl、Python、VB、JSP、ASP、PHP、XML、RSS、JavaScript、ActionScript、ASM、Unix Shell、Bat、CSS、SQL .etc.

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