Now, you can view Wavefront-OBJ files in iPhone/iTouch.

    First, export your 3d models from 3dmax/maya/xsi/blender .etc to obj format. Don't need convert faces to triangle.

    Then, upload your 3d models from PC to iPhone/iTouch by using webdav client or web browser(IE/firefox/safari...) through Wi-Fi network

    Now, you can view your 3d models in your iPhone/iTouch, and show it to your friends at everywhere. If somebody like it, you can send it to him by email.

    By the way, if you select a folder and send it by email, the folder will be compressed to a zip file automatically. And if you upload zip files from PC to your iPhone/iTouch, these zip files will also be decompressed automatically .

    Supported texture format:
Demo Video
  coming sonn...
  You can  control the texture, light, rotation and zoom it.

   Please upload .obj/.mtl and the texture file(BMP/JPG/PNG...) to the same folder.

  Wavefront OBJ with 3D software.

   Softimage XSI


Zip format files can be used as a folder in Air3D.

webdav Client
Cyberduck (Free For MAC)
Official site
Ver3.2.1 (For OSX10.5)
Ver3.3 (For OSX10.5/10.6)
  Please use the following connection method
NetDrive (Free For Windows)
Official site 
Download Page
Ver1.0.8.15 (EXE/8.059M)


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