Lyrics of musics choosed from iPhone/iTouch's music archive can be downloaded automatically by lrcPod(Your iPhone/iTouch must be connected to internet).And if you play musics by lrcPod,the lyric will be displayed with the step of the playing music.
How To Use It

    Synchronize your music by iTunes.

Run lrcPod and you will see the music list just same as the list of iPhone/iTouch's music archive.

Touch a music to play it,and when it begins to play,lrcPod will search the lyric from the local database of lrcPod.If the lyric can not be founded from the local database,lrcPod will search the lyric from the server.If the lyric is founded from the server,the lyric will be downloaded to the local database.And next time you play the same music,lrcPod can find the lyric from the local database directly.

If the infomation of the music is not correct,lrcPod can not find the lyric from the server.But you can click the [music list] button to find the lyric by entering the name of the music.


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